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  • 2015-2016 Season

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    Welcome to the BT Rec Basketball Home Page!

    Welcome to the Bethlehem Township Rec Basketball program. We hope you will enjoy your experience with our program and the many benefits it has to offer. Our purpose is to provide the participants with the opportunity to develop basketball skills, participate in practice and game situations, develop sportsmanship and mostly, have fun. The program places the athlete first and winning second. If you have any questions regarding the Basketball program, please contact Maura Clancy at or Michele Petrie at


    Active Seasons

    Season Last Date Before Late FeeLast Date to RegisterSeason DetailsAction
    2015-2016 Season2015-11-202015-11-30ViewLogin

    Latest News

    Sep 05 2012 - 2014-2015 Rec Basketball Registration

    Basketball season is here! Please sign up your child(s) by Sunday, November 16 in order to guarantee them a spot and/or to avoid a late fee. Register at
    Player evaluations and team draft will take place that week with the same format as last year. Please note, this evaluation is done to try and ensure teams are fair, there are no cuts in BT Recreation basketball if you have signed up by November 16, after that slots will only be filled if there are open slots available:

    Girls - Monday, November 17th-Conley Gym:
    6pm - 6:30pm - Girls - Grades 3rd and 4th
    6:30pm - 7:15pm - Girls - Grades 5th and 6th
    7:15pm - 8pm - Girls - Grades 7th and 8th

    Boys - Tuesday, November 18th Conley Gym:
    6pm - 6:30pm - Boys - Grades 3rd and 4th
    6:30pm - 7:15pm - Boys - Grades 5th and 6th
    7:15pm - 8pm - Boys - Grades 7th and 8th

    If your child is in grade K through 2nd, there will be a team draft for the coaches only to be held at Conley Gym on Wednesday, November 19th at 6:30pm but there will be no evaluations for children in K through 2nd. Please note that for grades K-2, there are no weekend games. There is one practice per week run in a clinic style where they focus on learning the skills of the game and scrimmage each other.

    Team practices can commence beginning Thursday, November 20th and the first weekend of games is slated for Saturday, December 6th, weather permitting.

    Any questions, please contact Todd Triano at

    Sep 13 2011 - Volunteer (Bond) Positions

    The Basketball Program needs volunteers in order to have a successful program. At least one member from each family is required to volunteer in support of the program. In the past, we asked for a bond check (which was not cashed UNLESS you did not fulfill your volunteer requirements, if you did, your paper check was returned to you uncashed). However, as an entity of the township and not a separate non-profit group, Bethlehem Township Recreation was in violation of a state ordinance by not processing this payment within 48 hours. So for the past year, we did not require a bond check, however, our sports program suffered due to a lack of volunteers. So we needed to reinstate the bond process in order to ensure successful programs.

    In order to keep your costs to a minimum, we are able to use a vendor that will store your account information until the end of the season. This way we do not have to take and cash your bond check prior to the start of the season, hold your money, and then reimburse you. If your bond requirement is fulfilled, you will not be charged. If certain hours are fulfilled, you will be charged for the specific amount you did not fulfill at the end of the season. All of this works the same way it did in the past however instead of a paper check floating out there for months, going through several hands in the process before being returned to you, this information is kept confidential in an online,encrypted system that has been approved by our Township Committee after a thorough investigation by the township lawyers. This works the same way as any mortgage payment you may make online or if you use your banks or another processors online payment system for your monthly billing, or if you make a payment by phone. Only your account number and routing number are required. As you know, both are printed at the bottom of every check you do pay in person so this is asking for no more information than if you paid in person.

    This is not being done via credit card as the only processors who will store online credit card information will only do so for reoccuring, monthly billing charges. Your bond charge is a one time charge only.

    As you know, overseeing all that goes into a season is huge. We moved to the online registration system to make this process easier on those that run the sports, but also on you. The delayed bond payment is one of the enhancements as you do not have to pay this upfront, if at all.

    Jennifer Glaser
    BT Rec Committee - Chairperson


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